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ORMUS~ What Is It?
The Myth, Magic & Murder of ORMUS
By H. Alfred Goolsbee 


## Ormus Sources, by Bary Carter

# ORMUS Providers:

- Exotic Elixirs (UK)
- Indigold Energy (Canada)
- Ocean Alchemy (see a resume below on this page)
- Ocean Manna

- Life Technology Research International
- Cobasal: 509-681-4110 or
- Nature's First Law
- Ambrosia Technology - LIQUID CHI™
- Testimonials:
- Mountain Manna (see a resume below on this page)
- Testimonials:

- Energetic Nutrition
- Ankhenaten Lab
- Al-Kemi
- The Gift
- Cherokee Gold
- Ancient Transformational Technologies 719-783-0310
- Atlantis Alchemy
- Harmony Grins
- White Powder Gold
- Si deseas adquirir productos de la alquimia moderna en España, te recomendamos que visites
- Saint Germain Cosmetics & Supplements. From the Master Alchemist for Physical Rejuvenation & Immortality
- Cocoon Nutrition - ORMUS Iridium
- Penny Saved Enterprises, Vital Energy Enhancer
- NatuRaw - ORMUS Iridium
- Priestess Alchemy
- Keith Perry
- Tibetan Gold (Hong Kong)
- Vision Minerals
- Dragon Blood
- Life Enthusiast Co-op (Canada)
- Lotion of Life
- Pureganic Liquid Manna (see a resume below on this page)
- Testimonials:

- M-3 Avi Zamites
- Harmonic Innerprizes
- Sunstone Associates
- Testimonials:>

# ORMUS Plant Product Providers:

- Sea-Crop
- Pureganic Liquid Manna
- C-Gro for Plants

# ORMUS Energizers/Resonators:

- Stir WandsQuantum Age Water
- Volixer (Blender Charger)
- MagnetiCare
- Star Babies Prefered LLC

# ORMUS Concentrators:

- Life Resources Institute
- Keith Perry
- Cherokee Gold -
- Build Your Own Trap
- Winter Sink Trap

# ORMUS Biolological Testing Tools:

- Pulse Academy



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